Preparing for Love in 2022

Group Coaching for Senior Women seeking Love

                    How many times    have  you made a New Year's resolution that this year was going to be the year in which you found love?  More than you care to remember?  Maybe you have given up totally on making resolutions like that.   

Sadly, very often making a resolution is not enough.  You have to take that first step.  Yes, for sure, decide now that 2022 is going to be your year, the year you meet your beloved.  But then commit to taking the steps to bring that about.  The first step step can start now.

In this group coaching session you will have an opportunity to


  • explore and let go beliefs that may be holding you back,
  • look for answers to questions you may have about senior dating,
  • discover 3 powerful strategies to assist you on your journey to love

Tuesday, 30th November, 2021  4 p.m. PST

$27  ($17 early bird before 22nd November)

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