What if I were to tell you that by tapping on specific points on your hands and head while saying aloud phrases about your issue, you could let go the idea that you are too old for a relationship, or that there are no good men out there, or that you don’t have a good track history with relationship so no point in even trying, or …..  or….  or…. ?   Would you believe me? Would you think I’m crazy?

I would have, before I encountered Emotional Freedom Techinques (EFT) or Tapping as it is also known.   In fact, I was downright skeptical the first time a friend suggested I go and see a demonstration. It couldn’t be that easy, surely.  Then I saw it in practice and saw just how comparatively easy it could be.

So let me take a moment here to explain what it is and how it works. Keep in mind, I’m not scientifically minded, so, this is more the baby version of how it works.  If you would like a more scientific explanation, check out: https://www.scienceoftapping.org/   

Me, I like the description of EFT as psychological acupressure.  By tapping on Chinese meridian points, while repeating a phrase related to what is going on, we acknowledge what is present with us  and accept ourselves anyway.  Thereby making changes in our neural pathways and releasing the negative emotions.

"Brenda is nothing short of amazing when it comes to knowing and guiding someone through EFT. She expertly and compassionately guided me to access and rewrite a long forgotten imprinting around betrayal. I am forever grateful for this experience in profound healing." Julie W.